Ghost Bike: Brett Jarolimek

We rode our bikes up the Expo Center this weekend. I chose a route that would take us through the Interstate + Greely intersection in order to get a sense about what happened there, and to see the ghost bike memorial. We did not know Brett, yet we are Portland bike riders, and as such, we all share some level of a common bond.

I am glad to see that the bike still remains in place, and hope that it serves as a reminder to drivers and to riders, that we all have to be careful, alert and remember that we all share the roads.

Ghost bike for Brett Jarolimek. Interstate and Greely

Right turns are now unlawful at this intersection. Maybe that will improve the safety of this intersection. There is no doubt that right turns are one of the most frequent areas of danger for the bicyclists.

Ghost bike for Brett Jarolimek. Interstate and Greely

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