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2011 Sunday Parkways

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) has just announced dates and locations for their five Sunday Parkways events. PBOT has also announced that the routes will be longer in length this year.

Sunday Parkways will begin this May with an opening event in East Portland. See the dates and locations below:

  • May 22 – East Portland
  • June 26 – North Portland
  • July 24 – Northwest/Downtown Portland
  • August 28 – Southeast Portland
  • September 25 – Northeast Portland

Portland Mayor Sam Adams had this to say about the events via a press release: “This year, we’re including more neighborhoods and making each Sunday Parkways longer in response to supportive feedback.”

This year the first four events will last from 11-4 pm, with the September edition going from 12-5 pm. PBOT is yet to announce exact route locations.

Check out for more info.