Monthly Archives: January 2007

Siuslaw River Fishing

My dad has fished on the Siuslaw river for many years.
A beautiful river in a quiet location, and on the right day,
a river full of fish.
I just downloaded a photo gallery wordpress plugin from
Yellow Swordfish,
and I had to try it out.
Have posted some photos from my trips there in 2005 and 2006 in the Pages and Photos section.
It is going to take a bit of experimenting to get the formatting the way I would like.

The routine is well underway.

January is almost done, and as is typical, the passing of the holidays mean the starting of the “get in shape” season begins.
Having already joined a new gymn, and with work schedules calming at least for the short term, we have started working out twice a week. Our training bikes are all dialed in down in the basement for the cold/wet/windy days. Plus we have been able to get out on the bikes three days this month. So, now its agreed, we go to the gymn twice a week, train in basement once a week, and get outside once on the weekend. That schedule should keep us going through February. Then we review and adjust.

The Portland Tram remains in the daily news.

Big excitement about the opening of the tram. People either love it, or hate it. Or, just don’t care. It is sure to remain a hot item for months, though it will definetely be an addition to the list of places to take your visitors to see. There are bound to be lines for the first few weeks, but I am betting most locals will wait for opening day jitters to calm down. is dedicated to all things tram.
I will post something on our site, once we go for ourselves.

Seems like kind of a lot of people….

So, a friend at work casually mentions that he is going to meet with a ballroom to discuss his upcoming wedding reception. He says they have a guest list of 650 people! AND they are serving dinner. Wow. Looking back, we had something like 220, and thought that was a lot to plan and prepare for. hmmmm, should be an interesting couple of months for them.