Monthly Archives: August 2008

Its gonna be 100 degrees, lets go ride bikes!

This weekends heat wave made it easy to prepare for bike riding. Pack light, dress cool, take plenty of water, and leave very early. First stop, the Portland Farmers Market at Portland State, there is so much great stuff to get there! This week it was particularly busy, as we weren’t the only people to get there first thing in the morning in order to retreat to someplace cooler for the afternoon. Plus, Portland State was having its summer graduation outside, which made for an interesting mix of casual shoppers and formal event goers.

On Sunday, we stopped by the Art in the Forest show at Mary S Young park.

Lots of entertainment, intriguing garden art, and a variety of more traditional efforts of personal expression. One booth that caught my eye, was the oil paintings of Chistopher B Mooney who has created a perhaps the best collection of local bridge paintings I have ever seen. Late in the afternoon, at retreated Bishops Close Gardens for a walk in the shade of the gardens, situated on the cliffs overlooking the Willamette river.