Cycle Oregon 2008 – The Weekend

We are riding in the Cycle Oregon Weekend Ride!

This is going to be a shock for those that know us, but we are skipping the week long ride this year. Have ridden in 8 of the last 10 years, with two of those routes covering essentially all the miles of this years route, it seems as though this may be a year for us to look elsewhere for our bicycle miles. Make no mistake, the weekly ride this year is going be a very good one, as it goes through some very beautiful parts of Oregon. This ride is nearly sold out already, and will surely exceed the 2,000 rider limit.

But, the weekend ride has many attractions for us:

  • Crossing of the Astoria-Megler bridge. 4.1 miles in total length. The bridge’s main span is 1,232 feet in length, making it the longest “continuous truss” in the world. Cycle Oregon usually creates safe options for biking, which may mean there will be some sort of bicycle only access to the crossing. Worth the price of admission right there.
  • Two nights camping at Fort Stevens State Park
  • Riding up to the Astor Column
  • Lunch at Fort Clatsop
  • Some riding up into Washington, which we don’t do enough of.
  • More riding around the coast regions. Due to traffic and some narrow roadways, riding in this area is much nicer to in groups. Less likely that inattentive drivers will be surprised by your existence.
  • They are even going to set up and take down tents for us making the camping really easy.
  • Lots of mileage options allows us to choose each morning what kind of bike ride we want for the day.
    • Day One – 15/26/29/67
    • Day Two – 12/40/64
  • All Meals provided:
    • Friday Dinner – Saturday Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner – Sunday Breakfast,  Lunch
  • All the usual Cycle Oregon Services
    • Bike repair, SAG wagons,Police/Ambulance patrols, Entertainment, Showers, Massages, Beer Garden, on and on and on.

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