KINK radio is starting to dissapoint me.

I listen to radio stations because I like the personalities. I can connect in some fashion to what they are saying or feeling, or that they feel is important. I get something of some small value out of that time I spend in the car. That is no different than choosing a station for the music that it plays. I have listened to KINK for 25 years, as the station has continually been connected to the lifestyle that is Portland. Off an on for most of those years, Rebecca Webb has been a part of theirs, and my, morning routine. For the last two weeks, Honey and have been wondering, just where is Rebecca? Now we learn, two weeks later, she has been released.

That is really too bad, as will miss her small contribution to our daily lives.
See more here:  and here:  Oregon Media Insiders

And one more thing.  What is up with the thinking that the happenings on American Idol are news?
Yesterday, I heard them talk about  that TV show in the morning and in the evening.  Are daily TV shows news now?
If so, there are much better shows to talk about. Lets talk about the mysteries, complexities and subtle connections to the real work, within in the show “Lost”. Or, lets talk about the real and challenging issues of growing up in a small town, in the show “Friday Night Lights”.  But really, is American Idol, or any of the other comically mislabeled “reality show” really news?  We have seen this thinly veiled self promotion for some time on nightly FOX news, as their anchors report on the news of American Idol, but hey, it is their show so I guess we will have to accept that if we want to watch what FOX tells us news.

But KINK, arent you owned by CBS, a rival to FOX?

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