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OS Beaver Baseball

I have become a Beaver baseball fan.
For the last few years, I have listened to nearly every single game, via the Internet, and I track their record and opponents. I even keep a schedule highlighted in color codes for wins/losses.

So, early this morning, I found myself in a very long/slow moving security line at the Portland airport as I kept my honey company prior to her departure. During our conversation about how we would miss each other and all that other feelings talk you have to do, I looked up to see a young kid in a OS Baseball sweat suit in front of me. As I looked around, I noticed that there were like 20 such kids in front and behind me and I slowly realized we were in the middle of the whole team. Honey no doubt noticed that my attention had drifted from her in mid sentence, but she seemed OK with that as I turned to one of them to wish them a good trip down to USC as they start a 3 game set on Thursday. I think he was  a little taken aback that I would know that, but he politely agreed it should be nice.
Anyway, it was a good part of the day.
Well, honey has left  for 6 days in Kentucky where she points out, while it will be raining here on Saturday, it will be 81 degrees in Louisville, so its not all good.

On top of this, this morning it was announce that 5 games will be televised. 
(Tivo is good….Tivo is good….Tivo is good

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