Monthly Archives: August 2011

Doe on the Springwater Corridor

This morning on my bicycle ride to work on the Springwater Corridor just north of Oaks Bottom, I stopped to watch this doe, chewing on the ripening blackberries.

Don’t know how he got to this spot, as its bordered by the Willamette, and heavily trafficked Mcloughlin Blvd.
But the little guy did look hungry, and perhaps not as afraid of people as he should be if he is to survive this far in to the urban environments.

Doe on the Springwater Corridor



Now its 4 days later, and riding at the same stretch of the bike path and theres the doe again, though this time there are three of them. I was able to get a shot of the last, and smallist deer as they headed back into the bushes.  They must be bedding down in this spot right off the trail.

Another but smaller Doe on the Springwater Corridor

Leverage is filming on NW 3rd Street

Wandering around on my lunch hour I came across the set of Leverage filming some shots on NW 3rd Street.
Christian Kane and Beth Riesgraf were hanging out between short takes. I watched him go over the same outburst of indignation 4 times.  Cranes and tents and cameras and cables, chairs with actors names on them,  and lots of people on headsets.  They even had a couple of bicyclists hired to ride back and forth on the street during each take, although none of them had helmets!
Interestingly each biker went back and forth about 3 times during each take, so wonder how thats going to work?
I only managed to take a few shots before they ran me off.