Louisville airport collects bats for Louisville Slugger museum

One of the great things to do while in Louisville is to visit the Louisville Slugger factory and museum. While there, you can get a close up and personal tour to watch the bats being made. Then, at the end of the tour, they give you a small bat of your own as a souvenir. Trouble is, you can’t check those bats through with your carry-on luggage when leaving via the Louisville airport. I am guessing this is the only airport in the country that has such a large display of bats that have been confiscated from travelers who have tried to get the bats through security. I am also guessing that this display is only a small portion of the bats they have actually seized. The rest probably go back to the factory, to be given out to the next set of tourists taking the tour. Isnt that what recycling and re-using our natural resources all about?

Louisville Slugger bats seized at airport

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