We’ll find a nice farm for Rocky ma’m

So, last week Honey heads off to Kentucky to visit her mom. She arrives to find previously undiscovered damage to ceiling tiles in the upstairs, and gives me a call to discuss possible causes and solutions. I am not there to see for myself, but its an old house so, my first guess is that the old tiles have just fallen down. No, Honey insists, something has caused this. It is like there are holes punched in them. Plus, mom has mentioned noises, she suspects are branches on the roof. We finally decide that some animal has found a nice and cozy home, and the critter control guy will be called in the morning. Honey then goes to bed. With the door shut, and a Louisville Slugger by her side. The next day the critter control guy comes, puts a trap on the roof, and we wait. The next morning, there was the little raccoon thrashing around, none too happy to be in a trap instead of curled up in the toasty insulation. So, back comes the critter guy to take Rocky away. Of course, Honey has to ask……What are you going to do with him?
“Oh, we will find a nice little farm for him to play at, don’t you worry.”
(I wonder if this is the same farm, that my dad sent our cats?)
Racoon has busted out ceiling tiles
racoon has punched holes as he runs in the attic

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