Cherry of a Ride

Ride starts in The Dalles. A bit of a drive for a one day ride, and it is likely going to be a longer drive in the car than a ride on the bike, but it should be fun nonetheless. We have convinced our second cousins wife to join us so that should be great.
This is likely to be our first organized ride of the year.
Cherry of a Ride is put on by St Marys Academy of The Dalles.
Our mileage for this ride is going to be a day of ride decision. Probably just 46, but maybe 60. Our partner is ready of a little more, and she may do 80. We will just have to wait for her to finish.

One thought on “Cherry of a Ride

  1. Mat

    Very interesting I was thniikng the same thing that James was thniikng bearing in mind that the picture was taken the morning of Jan 1st. MMMM Must have been a great party!


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