TiVo Amazon Unbox service is ready.

So, we are looking through our Tivos “Now Playing” list in search of something substantial to watch, and while mulling over the prospect of making the trek to the video store to seek out that one DVD we deem worthy of the required two trips needed to pick up and return it, Honey says……”I wish we could just download them into our Tivo”. And I smile to myself, knowing that the Unbox/TiVo service is in the works.

Well, now the Amazon Unbox/TiVo service has been released. Amazon Unbox on TiVo is a new TiVo feature that lets you rent or buy movies online from Amazon Unbox, download them to your TiVo over your home network, and enjoy them right on your television set whenever you want. With the help of our TiVo and broadband connection, we would never have to drive to the video store or to borrow a DVD again. Currently there are about 1,300 movies and shows, with shows going for $1.99/episode and movies going for either rental prices of around $3.99 or buy prices at $7.97

Tivos site has their press release on the service.

CNN has a screen-shot of what the “Now Playing” screen looks like. As it happens, the film they use is “Departed”, which is a DVD that we actually had to borrow and keep for going on 3 weeks now, since we haven’t had time to see it. So, with this service, we won’t feel pressure to return the borrowed DVDs, or incur the late fee wrath from the local video outlet in the form of computerized calls and mailed form letters demanding the return of their possession within 48 hours from the time we got our hands on it.

Here’s a bonus – if you register for the service by April 30, 2007 you get $15 in free movies and TV shows. So you can try it without any risk . TiVo has an overview, a ‘Get Ready’ page, a FAQ, and a troubleshooting guide. Likewise, Amazon has an Amazon Unbox on TiVo page on their site with more information. They also have a complete list of videos currently available for TiVo download and a support page with a FAQ. It looks like the service is launching with a slightly limited list of titles, but Amazon says they will continue to expand the list of titles. It looks very easy to use. You register for the service, which ties your Amazon and TiVo accounts together, then you can shop for videos via your web browser, and have them downloaded directly to your TiVo. And with the usual Tivo convenience, we can order via a browser from anywhere and the movies or TV shows will be waiting for us when we get home.

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