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Civic Stadium is burned but not forgotten.

This morning I woke up to the news that the old Civic Stadium baseball stadium in Eugene,  has burned to the ground. Built in 1938, it was most recently used by Eugene Emeralds, in different levels of minor league baseball. It held a lot of history. People played there, people worked there. I started thinking about what it meant to me……

I was saddened to hear of the loss of Civic Stadium.
Yes, as of last week it remained an empty shell, an outdated relic, built of old growth timbers. 
Perhaps not safe to occupy, of to little value to improve, yet too great of value to destroy.

I know that there are many people in the area that have memories from the stadium.
My earliest involve free day clinics on baseball where we learned how to swing, and to steal a base. 
Then the late 60s/early 70s days of the Triple AAA team of the Philadelphia Phillies, with players just one step below theMajor League. 
Some very good teams and players were there, playing exciting, quality baseball.
Those teams won championships, and electrified the city.

I’m surprised how so many memories of that era remain remain vivid in my mind. 
They player did things I had never seen on a baseball field before. Things I didn’t know you could do on a baseball field.
Larry Bowa played shortstop, a later all star with the Phillies and still managing at that level.
He once did a somersault after catching a ground ball, and still threw the runner out.
We would hang outside the locker room after the games to get autographs 
One night I asked if he had a baseball he could sign, and he told me to come back the next night. 
The next night, I did just that, and he did have one with him that he signed for me. 
The manager of the team, the late Frank Luchessi signed it as well. He went on to manage the Phillies in the big leagues.
I was able to get a few other players to sign the ball that night, and it remains on a shelf in my den to this day.
Denny Doyle was at second, who went on to play with the Red Sox.
Batting left handed he once bunted a ball which made its way in between the pitcher and the draw-in first basemen, directlyto second baseman who caught it, and just stood there helplessly since Denny had beat everyone to the bag. First time I had seen such an amazing bunt. 
Mike Schmidt at third, a MLB Hall of Famer who hit a lot of home runs.  
Watched him hit one over the top of the light poles in left.
Greg Luzinski, Oscar Gamble, Willie Montanez are some of the other guys I remember watching that later played in the bigleagues. 

Of course I was only able to see some of the games,  but the allure of the baseball being played at the stadium kept myattention, and there were may summer nights where I fell asleep listening to the games on my little AM radio.

I went to games with my Dad. 
I listened to his stories of Civic Stadium, and of Bethel Park before that.
He talked of his memories playing baseball in these stadiums.
Back in his day.

Years later, I was able to play on the turf, as our high school team made its way through two seasons of  state baseball  tournaments on our way to lose the State championships in Portlands similarly named Civic Stadium.

Many years later my final memory is of attending a Forth of July game, with the family, just a short time prior to the closingof the stadium. 
A packed crowd anticipating the end of game fireworks show, forced us to find seats at the very top of the stadium, wherethe roof meets that back wall of the stadium. 
Protected from any cooling winds, I’m pretty sure it was  over 100 degrees or more in the stands by the end of the game.  I don’t remember who won, or who they even played.
I do remember that after the game we were allowed out to the coolness of the infield to watch the fireworks. 

The stadium is gone, the memories are not.

Pioneer Century

The name has been changed back to the original Pioneer Century to reflect the history of the Champoeg, Canby and Molalla areas.
With two loops of 55 miles and 45 miles.

The 55 mile loop is in the Molalla, Canby and Scotts Mills area an will be the more challenging of the loops.

The 45 mile loop is in the more rural area of Champoeg and doesn’t appear to have a lot of challenging climbs.

The entire ride promises to be a bit more difficult than the old Spring Century.
Here are the elevations gains.

  • 45 mile route: 1327 feet
  • 55 mile route: 3087 feet

I have done this route 6 times

Reach the Beach is this Saturday

OK, now the bike season is fully underway.  We are well past the Monster Cookie, and Ride Around Clark County. The weather is turning nice, and it’s time to get serious.  Actually the ride has snuck up on us this year.  We registered late, spontaneous , oh heck why not register  type of moment. No matter that is has been two years since we have done a century, and given our schedule now, no chance of doing more than 62 miles previous to it.  We have jumped in and seem to be destined to give it a go this year.  Slightly new starting location this year, which they promise will skirt around the steep climbing that started this ride in previous years.  And, they promise better food which has always been the the number one problem with this ride in years past.  Or, is the big problem the bus rides back home, I can’t decide.  Anyway, we have our numbers, bus tickets, and most importantly, our T shirts.  We can’t keep the shirts if we don’t do the ride, so stay tuned.  This century doesn’t include a great deal of climbing which seems odd for a ride to the coast, but there are winds.  Looks like maybe rain this year. In years past we have had hail.  The rain can’t possibly hurt more than that.  7:00 bus reservations back home insure that we aren’t over stressed about the time.  This will be my 5th Reach the Beach. And the 4th time for the Century route.  Last time we did the metric century and felt so guilty about all the applause we got at the finish, we vowed to never do the short routes again.  The full century to the coast feels like a great personal accomplishment.  All the shorter routes just leave us unfulfilled.


The Ride Around Clark County – Hosted by Vancouver Bicycle Club.
The ride is set for May 5, 2007.
This should be my 6th RACC.
In past years, this ride was on the Saturday before the Monster Cookie ride that is on Sunday. It made for a good back-to-back training weekend. Lately the rides have split by a weekend, likely to benefit the more riders that prefer to have them split. Guess that’s ok too.
All distances start and finish at Clark College on Fort Vancouver Way. The climb at Felida comes very late in the ride and is very steep and challenging. If you take care not to get stuck behind a slower rider that is caught unaware you should then be ok.

18-MILE LOOP: This loop travels east through Cascade Park and back.
This loop travels east around Lacamas Lake and back to Clark College. (1,000 ft. elevation gain)
Loop travels east, around Lacamas Lake, then north through the hills of Hockinson, through Battle Ground, to Daybreak Park, west through Ridgefield, then south through Felida and back to the finish at Clark College. (3,000 ft. elevation gain)
Loop travels east, around Lacamas Lake, then north through the Hockinson hills to Battle Ground, continuing north to Yacolt & Amboy. Riders then head west on a new route through the scenic Cedar Creek / Lewis River area, and south through La Center (revised route for safety) to Daybreak Park. Riders proceed west toward Ridgefield, then south through Felida and back to the finish at Clark College. (4,800 ft. elevation gain)

Cherry of a Ride

Ride starts in The Dalles. A bit of a drive for a one day ride, and it is likely going to be a longer drive in the car than a ride on the bike, but it should be fun nonetheless. We have convinced our second cousins wife to join us so that should be great.
This is likely to be our first organized ride of the year.
Cherry of a Ride is put on by St Marys Academy of The Dalles.
Our mileage for this ride is going to be a day of ride decision. Probably just 46, but maybe 60. Our partner is ready of a little more, and she may do 80. We will just have to wait for her to finish.

Cycle Oregon 2007 – Full Ride

Cycle Oregon 2007 celebrates 20 years of Cycle Oregon.
We have registered and training is underway.
This will be my 8th and will be Honeys 5th.co_logo_2007.gif
This years route starts in Sisters and includes stays in LaPine, Diamond Lake, a day at Crater Lake, then on to Dorena Lake, Oakridge, and Rainbow, before returning to Sisters.
Registration is limited to 2,000 and they are now sold out.