Spinning with the Tour de France

So, here we are in the evening, catching up with the final significant stage of the 2010 Tour de France. Thanks to our Tivo, and the Versus channel, we have seen every minute of the 3 week Tour de France. But that is a lot of TV hours. In order to fit all this into our daily work lives, we have adopted a schedule that includes both training and relaxing. Every morning at about 6:00 am, we climb on to our training bikes, as the Tour starts at 5:30. Using our tivo we can see over an hour of the tour in about 45 minutes. We can spin on our bike trainers prior to work while we watch to tour. But, just watching the race is not enough. We needed some encouragement to work hard and increase our heart rates.
To do this, we have created the Phil Liggett/Paul Scherwen training game.

Phil and Paul are famous for their catch phrases. So, every time they use a catch phrase, or other events occur, we then spend a minute either sprinting, or doing a standing climb.

We start these one minute heart increasing intervals whenever they use any of their catch phrases of:

  • “Completely and utterly”
  • “Sport of bother”
  • “Dancing on the pedals”
  • “Master of this discipline”
  • “Ride of his life”
  • “Thin angry line”
  • “Backwards out of the”
  • “Stamps on the pedals”
  • “A very select group”
  • “Hell of the north”
  • “Damp squid”
  • “Heads of state”
  • “God of thunder”
  • “Spartacus”
  • “Tapping out a rhythm”
  • “Put the hammer down”
  • “Circum-navigate”

Also whenever this happens

  • A commercial
  • They tell us of any structure that is built before 1500
  • Dave Zabriskies name is mentioned, his name is listed, or his face is shown.

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