Filming of Leverage in Portland

This morning I saw TNT’s  Leverage signs, directing people under the Sellwood Bridge, where they were going to be filming an outdoor scene.
This one apparently was to be on a railroad track, and they needed to used the paved area of the Springwater Corridor for their equipment.
On this particular morning, we were driving so it didnt matter much to us,  but I am sure the temporary closing of the path will be affecting many cyclists.

This reminded me that a few weekends ago, Honey and I took a ride out in Clackamas.  I picked the route on this day since I wanted to go by the warehouses that are used for the indoor filming of Leverage.

Their filming location is no great secret  in fact you can find them at 12438-12442 and 12458-12460 S.E. Capps Road.
They even put up little yellow signs helping people find them.
But otherwise, it is a pretty non-descript setting.

On this day there was no one around.
We know this because we found the back parking lot where all the extras have to park. It was empty.

No stars about either. Their parking lot is also empty. But it has nice plants and in a slightly nicer location.  Even their signs were better.

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