60 degree Sunday

A sixty degree Sunday in early March is usually a sign that spring is on its way. I try to reign in my enthusiasm in thinking that spring is actually here, since as soon as that happens the gray, wet cold front rolls in. Nonetheless, it is here, and it is a good day for a bike ride. Honey and I fore-go church this week in order to fit in a ride and make our other commitments for this day. Theme for today’s ride is “In Search Of”. Over at Cyclotram there is a post of a “Bridge Diner” constructed as an old time diner, as a movie set for Untraceable.
Thinking that it was under the Morrison East ramp, we head in that direction. We didn’t find it, since as it turns out, it is under the Broadway West ramp. We weren’t so close. But we did find a DrumLRSDDrummers.jpg group. As we approached the area were the I-5 Marquam Bridge crosses the Morrison, we began to hear this thundering beat, sounding much like semi trucks rumbling over steel plating. Turns out it is this group of drummers that have assembled in a vacant lot, and they were pounding away. The beat resonated through our bodies and sounded really awesome. The bass drum displayed L.R.S.D, don’t know yet what that means. (Update: Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers of Portland. They are an organized professionsal group, which explains why a just a bunch of drums can sound so good.) Defeated on our Diner search we began the search for the March Art Walk in the Ladds addition. Locating a map that showed the locations we rode through the Ladds Addition. The circles that will later be full of blooming roses, are now just freshly trimmed rose branch stubs. And the art was mostly inside of houses turned art shops. Disappointed that there were not more outdoor art displays, and not wanting to leave our bikes, we continued on our way. On the ride we crossed overJohnsonCreekx.jpg the Johnson Creek Bridge of the Springwater Trail. The creek is a little muddy and high, and the leaves of the trees are still bare.  One more subtle reminder, that spring is not yet here.

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