John Belushi died 25 years ago today.

On March 5th, 1982 John Belushi died of a drug overdose. His soaring comedic success as well as his free-fall into the addictions that took his life are well documented. Here is what I think about when I see John. First of all there are his classic performances on Saturday Night Live. But mostly I remember my college days at the University of Oregon when the film crews burst in to town to film “Animal House” in and around the campus. It is still great to see so many locations used in the film where I spent my time when I was in college, as well as in Cottage Grove, and Dexter, where my mother grew up. It was during this time that John met Curtis Salgado, a great local blues musician in the Eugene/Portland area. It was Curtis that taught and inspired Belushi and Akroyd in creating their legendary Blues Brothers empire. It is these local connections and influences that contributed to his success, that I think of when I see John Belushi, and not the darkness that surrounded his fall shortly thereafter.

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