The “no battery” reelight bike lights work for us.

Some time ago I wrote a post about these cool danish bike lights. Honey saw the post and took the bait.  That Christmas, Santa left me one set of the lights, thinking that if they were worthwhile, a set would appear for Honey as well. They have been on my commuter/rain bike since then.  Each time I get on the bike, they are there, consistently blinking.  They passed our test, proving to be bright, sturdy, dependable, and  maintenance free. We ordered some for Honey, choosing to get them installed by the daylight savings time darkness instead of waiting til Christmas.

Heres the box……..

reelights in the box

The kit contains a front (red) and rear (white) light, brackets to hold the lights to the axles, and two magnets for each wheel that are installed just like installing the magnet for the cyclometer.

reelights parts

The bracket for Honeys bike required some additional reshaping since her touring style forks are a little wider.  The light had to be shifted farther inward, since there must be less than a quarter inch clearance between the magnet and the light.

installed reelights

My cyclometer is installed on the rear wheel as well and I found that it was in the same alignment as the light, and the addition of two more magnetic sensors to the odometer caused some really fast and false readings, so I had to rework the cyclometer a bit.

installed reelights\

It is much better to have the cyclometer on the front, so that they can be on opposite sides of the wheel such as on Honeys front.

installed reelights

It really only takes about 15 minutes to install, it is pretty simple and only requires one phillips screwdriver.

installed reelights

These lights are really an addition to the lights arsenal you need.  They are flashers, meant to make you visible, not to help you see the road. Plus, because they are mounted on the axles, they are a little low for maximum visibility. And, they will take a little adjustment when the tire is removed since they are held in place with the quick release levers.  But they are pretty bright, and once installed, you will never leave home without them.

3 thoughts on “The “no battery” reelight bike lights work for us.

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  2. Abran

    I think they are charming. I would leave the up too. I agree on the oduiste lights thing. Although I have white Christmas lights on my fake tree in my living room. I consider it “decor” when it’s not Christmas. When it’s Christmas they are part of the twinkling decorations.


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