SE Portland bridges you can’t yet use.

On our recent ride in Gladstone and out Springwater corridor we found three bridges you cant yet use.

The first one is the still closed Park Place bridge in Gladstone, over the Clackamas River. My last post on this bridge was back in February, other than this festive looking banner, I cant see any  sign of activity related to fixing this bridge since that time. But, according to the site,, ” Repair work on the 82nd Drive Bridge over the Clackamas River near High Rocks is expected to start in late July or early August. The bridge will reopen for public use by the end of 2008.” Hmmm, ok I gues I will have to go ride by again.

Park place birdge in Gladstone over Clackamas river

Then, we were out the Springwater, it was a clear and calm day, perfect for a ride. And we came across a construction project that has closed this bridge. Apparently the work is to repair the bridge, although it seems odd that the bridge would need maintenance repairs so soon.  Anyway there is a good detour that is well signed and really kind of a nice ride, and not an area you would normally ever see, so that was a good detour.

springwater bridge closure

Also on the Springwater corridor, you can ride under the new light rail overpass just west of where you also ride under I-105.  Ok, this bridge isn’t closed as much as it is not yet finished and open. And, you can only ride over it if you are using the light rail, but still…..

light rail overpass across springwater corridor

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