GoLiNiel blog feature update

We have added a ‘Word Cloud’ plugin to the GoLiNiel blog site.
Located on the sidebar, the GoLiNiel Blog Word Cloud is a visual depiction of the keyword density in the GoLiNiel blog. These clouds are popping up in various places on the web, and used as a way to bring up pages based on the volume of their usage. Meaning the more times keywords are used the larger the font. The cloud provides a way to follow those keywords to the posts in which they are used.

I got this plugin from http://www.web-specialist.us/?p=24 . It is simple to put in place. You simply upload to plugins folder, insert a codeblock into the sidebar.php and activate the plugin. It has functionality to filter out meaningless words, so I guess I will have to keep up with it, to see that the filter is current. Because…. who wants to search by words like “also”?

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