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Caught Spam by Akismet

Every blogger has, or should have Akismet running on their system.

And every blogger has likely been amazed and thankful for all the spam comments that it has filtered out from their account.

But you just have to be amazed.

As a blogger you continually get spam comments sent to you, and you have to have a way to block them.
Akismet does that very well, as indicated by the tallies in our account today.

“Akismet has caught 1,000 spam for you since you first installed it.”

Color Picker plugin installed.

Newly installed Color Picker will now let me change colors.
I find that pages that make use of many different colors are annoying,
and all it really shows is that ya, I can make a lot of cool colors on one page. But used in a sparse fashion, it can enhance the usability and visual richness in a page.

GoLiNiel blog feature update

We have added a ‘Word Cloud’ plugin to the GoLiNiel blog site.
Located on the sidebar, the GoLiNiel Blog Word Cloud is a visual depiction of the keyword density in the GoLiNiel blog. These clouds are popping up in various places on the web, and used as a way to bring up pages based on the volume of their usage. Meaning the more times keywords are used the larger the font. The cloud provides a way to follow those keywords to the posts in which they are used.

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