Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail AND a bike bridge!

Beginning spring of 2007 and ending in the summer of 2008, Metro will be working with TriMet, ODOT, Milwaukie, Portland, as well as Clackamas and Multnomah Counties on updating the Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement, to update the plan completed in 2003 to plan the development of the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project.
The Portland – Milwaukie Light Rail Project is a regional partnership to construct a MAX line that serves the transportation needs of communities in north Clackamas county, southeast Portland, and south waterfront.
The six and one-half mile alignment between Milwaukie and Portland would provide additional transportation options for north Clackamas county and southeast Portland. The line would connect to the existing MAX system, creating access to central eastside, south waterfront, downtown Portland, Hillsboro, Gresham, and the Portland airport. Ten to 12 stations and a new transit bridge across the Willamette River would be part of the line.
The project is the second phase of the Locally Preferred Alternative of the South Corridor Project, adopted in April 2003 and amended to include an light rail extension along downtown Portland’s transit mall in December of the same year .
The plan also calls for a new bridge over the Willamette! And, a new bridge in the city would be really cool.
Originally sited for an area between OMSI and the Riverplace, now also being considered is the area between the Marquam and the Ross Island bridges, with the bridgehead being near SE Sherman Street, or SE Caruthers Street.
Plus, according the the original plan, the bridge would accommodate bikes, pedestrians, light rail, street cars and possibly buses. A new bridge, that also would carry bikes. That is what this city needs!
I know, this is an Impact Statement and not a bid or actual plan for construction, but is a serious step that just may be a reality. We can only hope. Well, I guess we can be involved.
See the Metro Site, for details of small group briefings, newsletters and open houses.
And, links to Plans and Maps in .pdf format

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