The Ghosts of Celilo

The musical play showing at the Newmark Theatre is another fine example of the talents of Marv Ross. Marv and Rindy Ross have been in the Portland music scene for some time now. In the early 80’s I can recall seeing them perform as Seafood Mama. I wish I still had the VCR tape of a concert I recored off my old black and white TV. Then, on to fame and fortune as the group Quarterflash. Once I get my record player working again, I could play their tunes from my vinyl LP. As of late their time has been spent with the very talented group of musicians known as the Trail Band. If you have seen this group you have then marveled at how widely musically talented they all are. And, if you haven t seen them, then you perhaps you could catch them at one of their shows. One of our Christmas season rituals is to see them in one of their Christmas shows at the Aladdin theater. Marv has served as the musical director for Cycle Oregon, so we have had the opportunity to see him many times during the nightly musical performances during the bike tour. There, on different occasions, he has performed, solo, with the Trail Band, and in a Quarterflash reunion. So, we have heard him talk about his work in writing “The Ghosts of Celilo” for many years. When the tickets went on sale, we knew we had to go. Last night we saw the show and were real impressed. The acting performances throughout were outstanding, the sets, music and voices were all outstanding. It covered a very difficult subject with just the right emotions, without being heavy handed. We enjoyed the evening immensely, the work put out by the Artists Repertory Theatre is always good, and recommend it to everyone we know. The musicians of course are top notch. Most of them are made up of the afore mentioned Trail Band, as well as Karen Kitchen a truly gifted Indian vocalist from the Osage nation of Oklahoma. A real treat for anyone interested in the history of the Indians in Oregon.

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