Using compact flourecent bulbs on our porch.

Ok, we sometimes leave our porchlights on all night. Of course extended use of lighting can use lots of power, and somewhere there is room for a some savings of energy and dollars. That is where the compact fluorescents come in. I am going to try these. They say they can be used outdoors. And, they are smaller than the others we have, so they fit into the enclosed porch fixtures nicely. Plus they are boasting some sort promises of 5 year replacement warranty. We will see how long they last. It is not likely I am going to go to the trouble and expense to package and mail one off to get a replacement when it goes out, but I do appreciate the sentiment. Its a 60 watt bulb that uses 13 watts, and again with their promises, they claim the bulbs use 70% less power and will save me a whopping $68.00 over that 5 year expected lifetime.

What puzzles me, is if my energy/resource savings are going to outweigh the energy/resources used to package them up in all that plastic in the first place.

One thought on “Using compact flourecent bulbs on our porch.

  1. Bpaul

    An added bonus for the fluorescents is that slamming doors won’t break the bulb like they do the delicate filaments in tungsten bulbs. Many people think the light in their front porch is broken or something (as a former service electrician I got calls like this all the time) when really it was just that the delicate filament was being broken by the vibration from the door closing.


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