Sellwood Bridge open to bikes but not cars Sunday

On Sunday, Sept 9th, the Sellwood bridge was closed all day, for maintenance. Hearing that, I knew I had to ride the bike down here to see what was going on. Sure enough, it was closed. Closed to cars, but not to bikes! There seemed to be a stream of bicyclists crossing the bridge. We rode up back and forth. On the road! On both sides! What a great ride that was. A much better car free bike/bridge experience than even the Bridge Pedal can provide. In fact, building a new bridge, while keeping the original Sellwood as it is for bicyclists and pedestrians is one of the options being considered for the Sellwood Bridge replacement. And while that sounds like a very nice option , in reality that option may turn out to the be worst option for riders in the long run since that span will surely receive little or no maintenance or funding in the long run, and with that, the new bridge will then be built with minimal bicycle access, which could mean we would be worse off then than we are now. The BTA also does not support this option. But anyway, it was really nice to be able to ride the bridge and admire the sunny views without the noise, danger and aggression that usually accompanies this bridge crossing.

Bikers had a carefree carfree ride across the Sellwood bridge.

They did stuff like patch up deteriorating joints.

ODOT was doing some serious inspection work underneath the bridge

Some cosmetic stuff like repairing the rails apparently will not get done

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