Kellog Creek WasteWater flows into Willamette

While biking through the Milwaukie Riverfront park Saturday, we stopped to look at a boiling water spot just off-shore of the Willamette. “What could that be?” Honey wonders. My first though was explain it away as some natural phenomenon like that those occurring in Green Peter reservoir. but those thoughts were quickly dismissed when I realized exactly where were were. We were standing in a spot directly between the river and the Kellogg Creek Waste Water plant.
“One more reason not to swim in the river” says Honey.
Well, this is sad but true I think.

It is an unfortunate necessity, and all this waste water we create does have to go somewhere, but it is just more discouraging if we can actually see the results of the ugliness we create. And it is not that this is a secret. They do have a permit for discharging this into the river.
But there is also plans to make changes. Lets hope some of these alternatives that are being considered by the Clackamas County Service District will not only make economic sense, but can serve to improve our local ecology as well.

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