Our Dog Jack is NOT a Happy Puppy Now.

On most days our dog Jack is a happy guy. Happy to see you, happy to do dog stuff, happy just to follow you around, and I think, pretty happy when he sleeps. That has all changed. Just before our trip to Maine, he developed a tumor on his tail, that we had removed when we returned. That was not a fun day for Jack or Honey since it involved things like:

  • 20 hours of no food or drink
  • Injections
  • IVs
  • Catheters
  • Pills
  • Gas
  • Mass Removal
  • He seems to have gotten over that ok, and that is not why he is unhappy now.

    He is unhappy now because he is forced to wear THE COLLAR!

    While his tail is healing he cannot be allowed to lick or chew or otherwise mess with it himself.
    He just does not like it! He hasn’t figured out how to walk with it, and he catches it on everything. Knocking down trash cans, and chairs and anything else that may be in his general path. For a dog that likes to walk very close the the edges and borders of things, he now has to figure out some way to swing wide of all obstacles. It droops just enough to catch on the bottoms of the stair steps, so he has found it nearly impossible to climb stairs without assistance. He isn’t allowed outside without parental supervision. It is day 2 of “The Collar” and he has taken to whining now, as a plea for an explanation as to just what he has done wrong to suffer such punishment. Unfortunately all we can do is sympathize with him and give him plenty of face scratching since he can’t to that himself either. If he could just understand English we could tell him that he only has to wear it for 12 more days!

    Click Here For Jack related photos when he was much happier.

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