Tour de Fat Bike Fair

Honey and I tooled down to the Portland waterfront to check out the Tour de Fat bike fair. We rode past the park during our Saturday ride, in which we tested out our Bike Fridays. Basically it is a celebration and gathering of bicyclists, combined with a promotion by a local beer microbrewery. Lots of different types bicyclers, and a varied collection bike types, and ages. Sort of a bicycle cruise-in. They had some great music by a blue grass/swamp rock band, but we did not catch their name. It was a good stop in the middle of our ride, and a fun way to spend part of the afternoon. The Bike Fridays performed great, and they are cleaned and tuned and ready to go. This week they will get folded up and put into their cases, and soon will look like any other suitcase on the airport turnstile.

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