These gutters are for bikes, not for rain.

bike gutter

So, we were giving the family a tour of the city, which included a tram ride up to OHSU and while we are admiring the view, I spot the bike gutters.
Quizzing the family on the use of this feature solicits vague answers about water management.
Well, at least they are Oregonians and know the need for handling rain.
But, they are definitely not bike riders and they are not from Portland.
Most any rider of the city who has had to navigate stairs, or find a ridable path up and around them should instantly recognize them, and give silent thanks to the designers who had the foresight to plan for them, and the bill paying body that agreed to pay for them.
The bike gutters are great for pushing your bikes up the stairs, or letting them glide silently down without having to bang them on each stop. Not having to carry the bike up the stairs is particularly helpful when you have a load of some kind on the bike. Ok, carbon bike owners scoff and smugly carry their 18 pound bikes one handed down the steps. Let them be smug, this is still one more kind of thing that makes Portland a (relatively) bike friendly city.

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