Planning Our 2007 Tivo Season Pass.

The pilots for most of the new TV shows to 2007 are still a month away, but it is time to start updating our Tivo Season Pass.

Earlier we looked at our existing 2006 Season Pass. We are now beginning to clean up and re-prioritize the shows we will continue to watch in order to make room for the new additions. We have looked at some of the early reviews available all over the web, and drafted a preliminary list of shows we may be interested in. This list will grow, as the season nears as more information is available, and our scope widens. Our strategy is to include all the shows that we may want to follow, so that we can get in from the start, knowing that there are several shows in the group we will drop very early. You should be able to determine whether you will want to follow a series, within the first 1 to 3 episodes. Sometimes you know during the very first show, sometimes you want to give them a little chance to develop into something interesting. If we can’t decide by the 3rd show, then we give it up just because we don’t have the time to let a mediocre show drag on.

So, here are some of the shows I will be adding to our Tivo Season Pass. We will have to wait to add most of them until they start to show up in the schedules, so I need to check in each week to see if they appear in the search list. No reviews here, look elsewhere for that.

  • Aliens in America
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Bionic Woman
  • Burn Notice
  • Cane
  • Chuck
  • Dirty Sexy Money
  • Eli Stone
  • Independent Lens
  • Kid Nation
  • Mis/Guided
  • Mad Men
  • Private Practice
  • Pushing Daisies
  • Reaper
  • Sarah Conner Chronicles
  • Viva Laughlin

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