Bike There! with Metro’s new bicycle map

Metro’s Bike There! map has guided cyclists through the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area for 25 years. We are long time residents of the Portland area, and as such can usually find our way to most spots without the need for a map. That said, we still have used these maps for many years and find them quite handy for mapping out the details for our routes throughout the city. The maps are indispensable for determining the safest routes. For years, we have had one of the laminated wall maps posted at the back door of our house where we can refer to it easily as we leave home. Plus, Honey is much more comfortable setting out for a ride when she has a clear sense of how she is going to get there. A new 2007 edition of the award-winning map is now available. The map is a region-wide guide to designated bike lanes and multi-use paths that link people and places across city and county boundaries. Selected through streets where bicyclists share the road with motorists are rated for cycling suitability. Bike There! will help you plan bike-friendly routes to work, school, shopping and your favorite parks. Biking is economical and healthy for you and the planet. So pump up your tires and get out on your bike to enjoy nature in your neighborhood. Here more information on the maps, and how to get one.

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