Stub Stewart State Park Cabins

The Stub Stewart State Park opens in July. It has been 30 years since Oregon has opened a new state park and this one is huge. 1,650 acres of hills and forests. And, the answer to the obvious question….. L.L. “Stub” Stewart served nearly 40 years on the State Parks and Recreation Advisory committee and the Oregon Parks Recreation Commission. He was also a state legislator and served three terms in the House of Representatives in the early 50’s. This last week the park was made available to the Cycle Oregon Weekend bike ride, and we got to tour through the park as they finished up construction. One thing you notice right away, is that a lot of the park is built on the hillsides, so there is a whole lot of up going on as you ride through thecabins.jpg park. The aspect of the campground of most interest to us is the 15 unit Mountain Dale Cabin Village built near the top of the hill with great views towards the west. The cabins are neat and clean and should provide a good base for a day of hikes/rides/and whatever else you may want to do.  The village is located down off the main entry road, and should prove to be a fairly quiet and perhaps a little detached from the all the comings and goings as the activity around the campground heats up.  Each cabin has the following amenities:
Electrical outlets, lights, heat, smoke detector, picnic table and fire ring, covered porch with a bench, futon, set of bunk beds. (I think you are going to want to bring your own bedding.) Table and 4 chairs. We came home and reserved our very own cabin for a two night stay. There are still days available, so act now while the rooms are still nice and new.  And here’s a few little tips: Only cabins 2 & 3 have a front step, for all the others you can wheel right to the door, so if that’s important to you for any reason, take note.  Cabins 5,6,7, and 8 are a little more remote, as such they are also a little farther away from the communal restroom located in the middle of the traffic loop. The cabins with the higher numbers have the best views out to the west, so if that’s important, try for 13, 14, 15.
Here is where you can make reservations.

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  1. Thedude

    Jesus you sure the parks department could of made the area around those cabins any uglier. Its like camping in a suburban yard. Grass and asphalt paths? Who the hell made such a bizarre decision to build like this?


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