World Naked Bike Ride on Pedalpalooza schedule

Pedalpalooza is underway here in Portland. It is a great event that serves to celebrate the use of bikes, and to elevate the level of awareness and usefulness of the bicycle as it may relate to how the drivers of Portland can cooperate with the bike riders of Portland. I am not alone in thinking that any event that promotes such cooperation is a good thing. And, I think I am not alone in thinking that there may be some aspect of other people riding naked that could be appealing. So, when I saw the “World Naked Bike Ride” on theNakedRide.jpg Pedalpalooza schedule, I was intrigued.” Solely for artistic interests of course. That being said, we enjoy riding with padded bike shorts and certainly have no plans to ever ride our bikes with out shorts of any kind. Still, my proposal to Honey that we go check out this “promotional event” went something like this. Me: “Honey we should go check this out”. Honey: “Ummm, I don’t think so.”
I was ok with that sternly cold veto of my proposal, but really for different reasons. Honey simply doesn’t really want to see it. My thought is that while a group of people riding naked through town may increase interest in some of the public, it really does little for promoting the use of, or safety for bicyclists. Are there parents out there who are anxious for their kids to ride bikes so that one day they will grow up and ride naked? Should we expect that onlookers will see these cyclists and say to themselves, hmm, I guess bike riders aren’t that crazy after all. Anyone care to differ?

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