Monster Cookie Ride – 62 miles

Monster Cookie Ride ~ hosted by Salem Bicycle Club
Sunday April 29th. State Capitol to Champoeg Park, and back.

Up to this point in the year, karma has worked against us in getting involved in an organized ride. So this years Monster Cookie was our first organized ride for 2007. It has been the first for other years past as well, but we have tried to work in other early season rides into our schedule lately. So, having not preregistered for this years ride, and seeing that the weather has been improving, we got an early start in the morning, so that we could get down to the capitol and get registered. On years of nice weather, the day of ride registration lines are usually long. We got there about 745, and unlike their previous promises to not start til 800 they were open and the registration went fairly fast. I did hear later that day the the lines got pretty long later, so we were lucky. that was really nice of all those volunteers. Armed with our maps and lunch wristband we were off to Champoeg and the cookies that awaited us at the stops. Getting out of Salem is a lot of hurry up and wait, as bikers are anxious to get going and to warm up, but are hampered by the many traffic lights. After getting past Keizer station where the new shops, and the baseball field is, the roads open up to country farms, and we can then settle into the pace that suits us. It remained cloudy all the way to the lunch stop, but there was never any hint of rain, just a coolness that required our coats. At lunch we saw many of the friends we have ridden last year and it was good to chat and get reacquinted during a quickish lunch, before heading off for the second leg back to the capitol. We had none of the adverse weather from years past, and the last twenty mile section that I often find so brutal was lessened considerably by the lack of a breeze. If anything we seemed to have had a tailwind coming back in. Saw a Calfee bamboo bike, that was pretty cool.Kind of a slower Monster cookie for us as we haven’t gotten a lot of miles and I was hampered by a cold, so we got in about 2:30.

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