“Breaking Away” comes broken up.

Its the start of another cycling season, and we need new cycling movies to watch for those times we can’t be riding. So I ordered two videos from the internet. The first one is “2 Seconds”, or, Deux secondes, since it’s a French film, with English subtitles. (Honey will love this). A romantic story of bikes and relationships. I learned of this movie from a post over at Biking Bis. Anyway, the point of this post is that I ordered “Breaking Away” at the same time, since it is genuinely a bicycling movie classic about bike racing in the 1970’s. But when I get the package, its rattling! Why would a DVD case be rattling? breakingaway.jpg Turns out the plastic case was smashed and the DVD itself was dislodged so now pieces of the case were tumbling around inside, and the DVD was bouncing around inside!
After a good cleaning, I was left with just a few minor blemishes, which should be ok. Many newer DVD’s have a wide screen version on one side, and normal perspective version on the other, which is why there are no labels as you might expect on the DVD, which means you must clean both sides, and then take extra care when laying them down or storing them. Enough posting, I’m going to watch it now.

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