Orcas on a Wednesday

Today we rode our bike fridays around the island, exploring the roads that lead out to the ocean. One very noticable thing about the island is that most off the beach property is privately owned. It is very difficult to find beach access and there is very little walkable beach on the island because it is marked as private. It is nice here, but this aint Oregon. We rode our bikes to the north end of the island, and from the end of the road you can walk to the water, but the beach on either side of the road is private.

After the ride which included a stop for newpaper and lattes, we headed back into Moran State park, and partway up to Mt. Constitution, stopping at mountain lake.

From here we headed partway around the lake, then taking a trail that took us up the mountain to twin lakes, where we could hike completely around these two lakes as well.

That makes four lakes that we have discovered here in the park (Cascade, Mountain, and two Twin lakes) that have trails completley circumnavigating the lake shore.


The trails and facilities here are well maintained, with a mix of newer bridges, old plank trails and that incredible stonework of the CCC.

The trails to the lakes were incredibly green with moss, coverering old fallen old growth timber that have laid here undisturbed for decades.  The wide assortment of mushrooms along this trail were surprising.

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