Kayaking from Deer Harbor

In EastSound there is a little grocer that is easily accessible by bike using a gravelled path through the woods, where we can pick up the paper each day. Then, its across the street to have coffee on the sidewalk tables of this coffee/pastry shop. After we caught up on the news we usually continue with a little longer bike ride, and return home for lunch before getting on with the day.

Today’s activity is Sea Kayaking. So it was off to the southwest of the island, to the Deer Harbor marina, with one slight detour in an unsuccessful attempt to return to the home where my sister lived some 30 years ago. I was there for a week, but either cant remember specifically where, or that little place just isn’t there.

We signed with an outfit called Shearwater tours, and our friendly guide Richard spent some time to patiently explain all the how-tos of gearing up, getting in/out, going forward, and not going under

Then we pushed off and headed out of the harbor and around some of the islands in Deer Harbor. It was a three hour tour. Yes the reference was not lost on us each time we said it.

It was an amazing day. We circled several islands that were wildlife preserves, sighting a variety of birds, and a school of seals. On our return trip, honey and I silently glided our kayak within 20 feet of a large seal before he was done with us and swam off. The weather was clear and warm, and the winds that started at about 10 miles per hour later subsided so it was not a terribly difficult fight. We returned about 5:30, surprisingly dry, and with not so surprisingly tired arms.

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