Poffertjes – like a tiny Dutch pancake

Poffertjes, are a traditional delicacy sold from poffertjes kramen (booths) in Dutch villages and towns in the Netherlands.  Often they are sold from a colorful tent which is pitched at the village for a few days and moves on to market them elsewhere.  We did in fact find a tent in a park during one of our rides, and it was there that we found shelter from the heavy rains, strong Dutch coffee and warm poffertjes.

My first hint that these little things existed is when my first  pannekoeken was delivered, with a shaker of powdered sugar that had a picture of what I mistook for Danish aebleskiver. I later asked our captains wife if they served aebleskiver, and while she was impressed that I knew of such a thing, no, they aren’t served here.  We soon agreed that what I was thinking of were poffertjes.  And while she attempted to insist that they would not be on the menu for the week, under relentless pressure from young Rhian, Linda did in fact surprise us with a small helping during one breakfast.  That lead to the later treats under the tent during the rainstorm.

Somewhat similar to a Danish aebleskiver.  The differences being whereas the aebleskiver are round, and the size of a handball, the poffertjes are more clam shaped, about the size of a golf ball.   And while the aeblskiver is slightly fluffier due to whipped egg whites, they are both very good when they are hot, and covered with butter and powdered sugar!

There are recipes all over the Internet.  This one is from our “Dutch Style” recipe book, that we picked up at the “Scandanavian Festival” in Junction City.  (where you can have fresh hot aebleskiver, but not poffertjes.)

“Pella Poffertjes”

1 cup flour
4 Tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1 cup hot water
3 eggs
4 Tbsp vegetable oil
powdered sugar

Mix flour, sugar, and salt. Add water, eggs and oil.  Mix well until batter is lump-free. Fry on poffertjes grill, or fry silver-dollar-sized pancakes in frying pan. (or try aebleskiver pan ~ ed.)  To serve, spread with butter and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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