AAA covers bikes now.

We first got a AAA membership when one of our boys was stranded at Timberline Lodge with no car keys. Buying a  family membership and having them cover the costs was cheaper than hiring the work independently.  Great deal right there.

Now I hear that our coverage will now pick us up if our bikes break down out on the road. How cool is that?

 This is from their site:

AAA Plus now provides coverage for cyclists. Bicycle service benefits and exclusions provided under AAA Plus may be different than service benefits and exclusions for automobiles or motorcycles.

Eligible Bicycles – Service applies to all bicycles and tandems, including rental bicycles and bicycle trailers, if service can be safely delivered using normal servicing equipment.

Bicycle Repair – Service Vehicles are not equipped to repair a Member’s bicycle or change a flat tire, however, transportation for your disabled bicycle will be provided subject to the terms discussed herein.

Coverage to Bicycle Rider Only – Bicycle transportation service is provided only for the rider whose bicycle is disabled or inoperable.

To Obtain Service – A Roadside Assistance vehicle will be sent to the eligible disabled bicycle without charge from the nearest AAA contract station. Bicycle coverage applies to any eligible bicycle you are riding at the time the bicycle becomes disabled. Simply present your valid AAA card at the time of service. Members are expected to be with the bicycle at time of service.

Disabled or Inoperable Bicycle – Coverage is provided to a member whose bicycle has become disabled or inoperable. If transportation of your disabled bicycle is required, service will be provided:

  • Back to the station that dispatched transportation service or any point of choice along the direct return route or
  • To any point of safety within the city of the station providing transportation service or
  • To any point of safety within a 25-mile radius of the bicycle breakdown.

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