Sherrett Square gets an upgrade

Our most regular bike route to and from Portland takes us by “Sherrett Square” at 9th and Sherrett, in Sellwood.  They have repainted the pavement in the intersection since the last time we have been through. It looks great.   At this intersection there was the most amazing park bench made of earthen materials.  After a few years it deteriorated and was replaced. The replacement is very impressive, but I dont think it is as good as the original. Plus a covered gazebo has been added to help preserve the work. We do love to ride through the area. It has a warm community feel to it.

Sherrett Square

Sherrett square is sponsored by Community Rejuvenation Project. The northeast corner houses a community bulletin board and a structure for dropping off/picking up free items. The southeast has a bookshelf sharing shelf; the southwest corner has a tea stand complete with mugs and tea, though we arent interested in taking part in that. And finally, the northwest houses a child’s playhouse constructed of cob and recycled windows.

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