First Friday Ride

We have a bicycle tour planned  for The Netherlands later this summer. I imagine I will have more to say on this later, but the first step in preparation is to unpack the folding Bike Friday bicycles and take them out for the inaugural ride of the year.  So its out through Gladstone to Oregon City for some fun in the sun, a tour of the local bridges and a turn-around conveniently located at a Starbucks.

Out on the back-roads we stopped to talk to 3 guys who were preparing to take their motorized bicycles out for a trial.  These are actual bicycles that they have outfitted with 48cc engines, apparently from a kit for just this purpose.  They claim a  top speed of 45 on them. I am comfortable doing 45 on my bicycle, I am somehow uncomfortable with doing that on a bicycle with a motor.

Motorized Bicycles

From here is was across the Clackamas on the Park Street bike/pedestrian bridge,  along the paths following the Clackamas and then a cruise through Clackamette Park.

McLoughlin Bridge

… and then towards Oregon City along the Willamette.  There’s a short path from Clackamette Park that leads to Oregon City.  The later part is still closed due to some traffic improvements along McLoughlin, but we wanted to get down there to see the progress as it is part our full bike commute.

bike Friday and the Abernathy Bridge

We can ride just past the under side of the Glenn Jackson bridge, which is I-205 over the Willamette, then its time to head back to find that Starbucks.

Under the George Abernathy

One thought on “First Friday Ride

  1. Mike

    Neat pics! I grew up in Milwaukie and stumbled onto your blog as I was looking for Oregon blogs.

    Have fun in the Netherlands! I hear it’s great.


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