Gibbs Street Bike/Pedestrian bridge.

Wow, how did we miss the new bridge in this plan?

Apparently,  the design drawing of Gibbs Street bike and pedestrian bridge, been fast-tracked by Mayor Adams to help Portland’s economy.  The City of Portland announced a $503 million economic stimulus plan. Within that plan, is $52 million in Bureau of Transportation projects — at least four  of which include bike-related facilities.

  • East Burnside and Couch project will create a couplet with eastbound traffic on Burnside and westbound traffic on Couch.
  • The Cully Boulevard Green Street Project, which includes Portland’s first-ever cycletrack. The new cycletrack will run from NE Prescott to NE Killingsworth
  • A project to replace the N. Vancouver Bridge over the Columbia Slough is estimated to cost $10 million and create 146 jobs.
  • And a new Gibbs Street bike/pedestrian bridge to cross I-5 just south of the east end of the Ross Island Bridge.

Gibbs Street Bridge Design

We will be keeping a close eye on the development of these projects. The first step will be to visit the sites to get an idea of how it looks and works, prior to any work started. In that way we can really understand what the improvement really means to us.

See an current bridge design for the Gibbs Street bridge  here.

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