Old signs won’t fade away, just fade.

I have driven up and down I-5 for nearly 30 yeaDSCN3259.JPGrs. Near Scio there has been this old Food Mart sign. I don’t remember that there ever was an open Food mart at this location, just the sign. It is kind of in the middle of farmlands, and the speeds of the Freeway and lack of freeway access has doomed the site to a fate of a fading collection of….stuff. Apparently the food mart used to specialize in Ice Cream and Hot Chicken. Now it looks like the advertised special is a Dodge Durango. And brownies. Not sure if the Durango is still available but I am pretty sure you don’t want the brownies. It is kind of an eyesore that we just manage to live with since most people pass it going 70 miles per hour. Yet in a few more years, it maybe could be a historical site.

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