On the car radio there was a small tribute to Johnny Cash. The “Man in Black” was to have just turned 75. As great an influence in country music as he was, you likely know all you want to about Johnny. There’s a ton of stuff on the web about him if you don’t, and, there’s the movie “I walk the line” which I really liked, and found pretty true to form. That got me thinking about birthdays, but then I find out it was my uncle Axels birthday on February 28. Uncle Axel is 95 today. Still in pretty good health, he is one more in a long line of relatives who live a full and happy life. Axel distinguished himself by his incredible talents in of fully machining working models of cars and steam engines from raw metals. Some of his work can be seen at the Creative clock museum in Eugene. I will see if I can post some pictures on our site.

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