Taking the trailer on bike rides.

I had the right to remain silent; but apparently, not the ability.”
Ron White describing an arrest after having one or two, too many.

We take the burley bike cargo trailer along for many of our urban rides. Even on rides we do just for fun. Some times we need it, sometimes we don’t.
I have documented some of those trips with the Burley here.

One day last week we got a few things from Lowes.

Burdley trailer on trip to Lowes

There are at least three reasons for taking the trailer, even when I may not need it.

1. I believe drivers give you a little more respect, courtesy and wider berths while towing something with your bike. Riders using their bike for some utilitarian purpose tend to be more responsible, predictable and are in some way proving their worth to those drivers who don’t believe bikes have this right. So, anything to make our rides safer is a good thing.

2. Towing the trailer adds resistance, which adds to the overall exertion and workout level of my ride. In that way even rides of short time or distance effectively seem longer.

3. On rides with no pre-determined agenda, I have learned to take it along. These are the rides that Honey says, “maybe we can stop at (insert any store-name here). I just want to look, I don’t have to buy anything.”
And my headvoice is saying “She has the intention to shop without buying anything; but apparently,…….”

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