Number 54,000,601……….Ferndoch.

Every time I take a ticket to get a number and wait to be called, I think back to that moment in the movie Beetlejuice, when he gets the number 54,000,601, and they are calling something like 27.  My last ticket was to wait in line at the DMV.  I knew going in that this could be a bad call since it was my lunch hour, but I was on a mission. I had to get new Share the Road license plates for the cars. I wrote about it in my post:  Oregon Share the Road License Plates out Jan 2nd!   Our plates are not set to expire yet, so yea, it does cost a little more that way,  but we are anxious to show our support for bikes during the times that we are using our cars.
Approximately $8.25 of each plate will be going to the Cycle Oregon Fund and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA).
Fortunately, the wait did not take my entire lunch hour, and I was able to complete the forms to the clerks satisfaction.
Three or four weeks, or something like that, is what she promises.
So now, the wait begins.

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