Cycle Oregon Route Announcement – January 31

The 2008 Kick-off Party will be at Nike, in theTiger Woods Center.
Set for, January 31, the doors open at 6 p.m. with the route announcement at 7:00.
We go to the party every year, and ride the route most years.

So on the 31st, we will have a good idea what we will be doing September 6-13.
Or for Cycle Oregon: The Weekend 2008, which will be August 1-3

The rest of this  stuff comes from

We can tell you this about Cycle Oregon’s 21st edition: it’s been shaped by what our riders tell us. What does that mean for the 2008 ride? Well, start with more time spent in small towns. Add in multiple route options so that you can find a ride that’s right for you. And include not one but two layover days, giving you more time to explore and less time setting up a tent

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