Another Danish bike safety implemtation U.S. will never see.

Treehugger has a post on RFID Lights Up The Blind Spot .

Basically, a sensor can be placed in a bike, so that when a cyclist approaches the intersection, the RFID sends a signal to the traffic light which turns on a flashing ‘cyclist’ sign at eye height to warn drivers, especially drivers of big rigs, that they should check for bikes before making a right-hand turn.

Denmark considers it cost-effective to keep cyclists safe, as each serious accident or cyclist death costs the state as much as 1.7 million Danish crowns (US$300,000). Installation of the diodes and sensor at an intersection costs about 200,000 crowns (US$38,000)

Hmmmm, does that just make too much sense, or do we just not care?

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