Portland State requires records from 20 years ago.

My son is trying to enroll at Portland State. So they say…. we see that you have gone to Oregon schools your entire life. And, while we recognize that Oregon requires all students to have measles/mumps/rubella shots, and we also know that they require proof that you have had said shots before you graduate, and further we see that you have graduated. But……we want to see those records also. Seriously? OK, I have some copies, but PSU doesn’t feel they are official or complete and suggest I call to the doctor to get official copies. Sure I can to that. Three calls to his current doctor gets me to the right person in their records warehouse, who can fax a record in like a week. No, PSU says, this isn’t enough proof, it just doesnt look complete.  Ok, a call to their pediatricians office, who had since closed, and changed names reveals they don’t keep records after 10 years. Really? That doesn’t sound good. Guess maybe I need to keep better records at home, before all that proof of existence is lost. Anyway, this is  no problem they say, there is this organization that gathers all those records for the schools and apparently gives them the OK that the requirements are met, so call them. Two more calls there to learn that no, they don’t seem to have the records either. The best thing for me is to call the school district. Not the school they say, but the district. They are supposed keep them. I call the district. Just one call and two transfers gets me the person who can tell me, the district doesn’t keep student records, you need to call the school. Well alright then. Call the school, transfer twice, then call another number to leave a message for the school nurse, who isn’t there. I appreciate that the nurse called back the next day, even though it was to say, we don’t keep those records that far back. What you should do is call your doctor.
Ohhhhhhhhh. Um Thanks.

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  1. Greg

    Wow, I’m sorry. I guess it would’ve just been easier for me to go and actually contract measles mumps and rubella just to build my immunization rather than have you go through that.

    Next time, I guess.


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