Compost bin/potting bench from reused materials

Earlier this year, we replaced our old fence with a new 6 foot good neighbor cedar fence. At the same time, we added a solid face segment to act as a visual barrier to screen the compost bins, wood pile and storage area in the far corner of our property. While we love our compost bins, we don’t want to stare at them during dinner. In order to put up the new fence we actually took down the older, simpler compost bins and made plans to build new ones. The old syserm was two bins, made from 6 – 4×4 posts and welded wire fencing. We wanted our new ones to be larger, and a little more visually consistent. But since we wanted a unit to recycle/reuse, it would be inconsistent not to incorporate that same recycle/reuse philosophy into the construction. We reused materials from a number of different sources to make put this all together.

See the entire page with more photos and construction comments.

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